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Learn about the latest in Lennox product innovation from the passionate people behind them, and discover new avenues to expand your business.

The Lennox Standard of Excellence

See how our Standard of Excellence is built into all our products

Emily Young headshot

Emily Young

Product Manager

Colin Mullins

Product Manager Mini-Splits

Seize the Opportunity

Grow your business with Lennox commercial products and support

Kristine Peacock

Director, Commercial Marketing

The Lennox Product Advantage

The changing consumer expectation of the sales process is revealed & tough Stalls addressed

Dave Nichols headshot

Dave Nicols

Training Manager

Tom Wittman

HVAC Coaching Corner

Quantum Leap Over the Competition

Explore our Quantum technology in all our innovative reliable products

Brandon Chase

Product Manager

Tim Brizendine

Product Manager

Signature Collection Leadership Story

From Signature Service to product innovation, we focus on leadership

Blake Edwards

Sr. Product Manager

Sweta Hari

Director, Product Management

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Hear how you can use promotions and market trends to identify and capture your target customer.

Digital Foundations 101

Website fundamentals and tips to maximum social media presence

Gaby Mokry headshot

Gaby Mokry

Content Marketing

Blair Torres

Account Director, FH

Digital Excellence 202

Proven internet strategies that generate quality AO/R & Service Leads

Scott Clifton headshot

Scott Clifton

Digital Marketing

Chris Yano

Chief Executive Officer at RYNO

Digital Excellence 303

Selling to consumers with changing expectations and demands ina digital age leveraging digital tools

Jose headshot

Jose Maestas

Ecommerce UX Manager

Saumya Gopi

Ecommerce Manager

Relentless Marketing Strategies

3 Things you need to do now to get homeowners to choose you

Victoria Cowin headshot

Victoria Cowin

Manager, Loyalty Programs

Lindsey Moore

Account Supervisor, SA

The Power of Reviews

How to build your online reputation and leverage customer reviews

Alex Bannister headshot

Alex Bannister

Premier Dealer Marketing Specialist

Kayla Ramirez headshot

Kayle Ramirez

Reputation Specialist

Jay Pipho

Review Buzz

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Learn valuable leadership skills that will bring your team to the next level.

Relentless Leadership

Effective communication is the key, don't leave the interaction to chance

Steve Wood headshot

Steve Wood

Leadership and Sales Consultant

Owner/Operator to Owner/Leader

Learn three transformational areas of leadership focus

Brigham Dickinson

Power Selling Pros

Joe Jones headshot

Joe Jones

Director, Loyalty and Promotions

Make Giving Back, Your Business

Bringing corporate social responsibility to your business and community

Scott Clifton headshot

Scott Clifton

Digital Marketing

Ashley Shadowens

Social Media & Public Relations Supervisor, FH

Executive Roundtable

VPs: Quan Nguyen, Mike Hart, Kim McGill, John Whinery

Quan Nguyen headshot
Mike Hart headshot
Kim McGill Headshot
John Winery headshot
Tom Towe headshot

Tom Towe

Director, Field Marketing


Arm your toolbox with tips that will grow your existing customer base and make sales and ordering easier.

Business Continuity

Disasters are unbiased and strike all types of business, you ready?

Steven Haynes

Ajunct Lecturer

Tom Towe headshot

Tom Towe

Director, Field Marketing

Secure Your Future and Customer

Learn what it takes to grow your business with Comfort Shield

Derek Yu

Comfort Shield Program Manager

Billy Leonard

Vice President AIG

Find Your Hidden Profit

Improve your KPI and cash flow with quoting financing on every job

Dave Nichols headshot

Dave Nichols

Training Manager

Betsy Warnecke

Manager, Consumer & Dealers Promotions

Confirm the Why, Discover the How

Build an HVAC Training Plan for your team today

Ryan Cook headshot

Ryan Cook

Training Operations & Development Manager

Brittani Youman

Field Sales Training Manager