Lennox Learning Solutions

Lennox LIVE is the biggest annual conference in the HVAC industry, and we build your experience around Leadership, Innovation, Vision, and Education. Each day of the conference, find what you need to make your business more profitable than ever before: more market insights, tips on how to improve your business, the latest Lennox products and programs, and opportunities for you to be recognized, inspired and motivated.


Today’s HVAC consumers are changing how they shop and buy faster than at any other time in our history. We will provide you with insights and suggestions to inform your marketing and sales process to ensure that your business is the big winner in your market. Let Lennox LIVE be your annual source for the pulse of our industry.


The Lennox LIVE breakouts are an intimate conference experience that allows you to choose topics most relevant to addressing the current needs of your HVAC business. Take what you learn back to your business to address your challenges and grow your sales.


Lennox LIVE is the largest annual gathering of vendors, trainers, and industry experts at a manufacturer sponsored event in the HVAC industry. Share your expertise, seek input and advice from others, and grow the foundation of your knowledge about how to win in business!


Do you ever wish you had someone in the industry with a proven solution to your problem to talk to? Dealers come to Lennox LIVE to build relationships with peers who one day will help them solve a problem. Plus, the problem solving and networking is a two-way street.


We take a forward looking view of the market, economy, and government forces impacting small, medium and large HVAC businesses. You’ll also be addressed by thought leaders in product development, marketing, training and human relations management will also address the issues that affect your business and bottom line. There is something for everyone.


As the only major manufacturer and distributor in the HVAC market, our product development team works to build the industry’s high quality equipment and parts. And Lennox LIVE is where you get to be up close and personal with our newest innovations designed with you and the customer in mind.