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Olympic speed-skier & Motivational Speaker

His expertise on accelerating extraordinary goals is based on tools to be more resilient and how to overcome obstacles. When you bounce back stronger than ever confidence and fun goes up. Vince's client list includes world class organizations dedicated to being bigger and better. When employees and entrepreneurs handle set-backs, supersede obstacles and are more focused - record setting results happen faster than expected. Vince knows first-hand how innovation, persistence fearlessness play in your future success.

Vince Poscente - Olympic Speed Skier


VP/GM of Residential

Quan Nguyen joined Lennox in 2010 as the Director of Customer Support. Since then, he's worked in product and brand management, and is now Vice President of Lennox Residential. Quan graduated from West Point where he earned a Mechanical Engineering degree and served as an infantry officer for six years. He has earned the Airborne badge, Air Assault badge, and Ranger tab, and is a recipient of the Bronze Star for his deployment to Iraq. He later received his MBA from Harvard. Prior to joining Lennox, Quan worked at McKinsey & Company.

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VP of Marketing, Residential

An expert in her field, Kim McGill is Vice President of Lennox Residential Marketing. Kim has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Michigan Technological University, and an MBA in marketing from the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University.

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VP of Sales, Residential

Mike Hart has held leadership roles at Lennox for 20 years. He has successfully led teams in residential and commercial sales, brand management, and the Lennox service division, Service Experts. He earned his Bachelor's Degree from The University of Maryland, and his Master's Degree from the University of Texas at Dallas.


VP of Product, Residential

John Whinery has been with Lennox for 20 years. Before becoming Lennox' Vice President of Product Management, Residential, his expertise was earned throughout his time spent working in product development, commercial marketing, and commercial sales management. He received his Mechanical Engineering (BSME) degree from The University of Vermont, and his MBA from the University of Texas at Arlington.

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Quan Nguyen

VP/GM of Lennox Residential

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Kim McGill

VP of Marketing of Lennox Residential

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Mike Hart

VP Sales of Lennox Residential

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John Whinery

VP Product of Lennox Residential